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Becoming a Mother
by God's Grace

“In 2012, the Lord told me I would give birth to a girl. But at the time it was not a priority for us yet. 


Four years later, we were ready to take this step forward. However, we faced multiple disappointments, including a couple of miscarriages. My excitement turned into anxiety as I feared further negative experiences. I began to live in anger, sadness and paranoia, and I did not understand why it was happening to us. It was so painful I thought we were being tortured. Everything checked out on the medical side as my doctor repeatedly said. I prayed, I fasted, yet nothing was happening. All I knew was that God had made me a promise, and that He would surely deliver.


One morning in October 2016, after another hopeful attempt, I woke up with sharp abdominal pains and began to cry at yet another disappointment. Simultaneously, I unexpectedly received a message from Ulrich saying that the Lord had put it on his heart to check on me. He asked how I was doing, and I told him what was going on. He asked if he could pray for me, but I really did not have the energy nor the willpower to join the prayer.

 He asked that I find the strength to surround myself with worship music while he interceded for me. As he prayed, the Lord began to give him accurate information on my family’s past generations, with specific names. He then informed me about miscarriages that my mother and sister had as well, though they had never shared this with me (it checked out to be true when I asked them) and revealed other information relevant to my situation.

He went on to pray for deliverance from generational curses. He then instructed that I place my hand on my belly and spoke words of life over me. I remember him referencing Hannah and Sarah during the prayer as he asked the Lord Jesus to open my womb. At this point I started feeling heat and twinges in my belly! As he continued, I felt lightheaded to the point of fainting. Before ending the prayer, Ulrich prophesied: “By this time next year your will bear a child”. He also instructed me to dedicate the child to the Lord after birth. Overall, the call lasted over 3 hours!


I was greatly encouraged by this encounter. During the summer of 2017, when we least expected it, we were blessed with the good news of a child! To this day, we still give God all the glory for our daughter and to have used his servant Ulrich to bring us light during those dark moments.


Since then, Ulrich has been impacting my spiritual walk by sharing revelation and answering / helping me find answers in scriptures. He urged me, from day one, to dedicate time in the word of God to develop a personal relationship with Him. He has taught me on: the power of our thoughts and words; freedom from fear through the love of God; praying for our enemies; sonship through Christ; managing finances through the word of God; interpreting my dreams; navigating the battlefield of the mind, among other topics.


Currently, we have weekly discipleship calls to discuss the word of God and how it is applicable to our daily life. Through Ulrich’s mentorship, I am learning to walk in the joy of Lord daily, to draw closer to Him and most importantly to fully surrender and allow Him to do His work in me and through me for His glory. I am looking forward to further developing and being part of this ministry’s journey.”          

Stella Grosjean

Ministry Partner

I met Ulrich while we were students in a Master's program at Morningstar University. Ulrich has been a friend and has partnered with my family in our different ministries. He has come alongside us many times.


My desire to deepen my faith has strengthened in my interaction with Ulrich. Ulrich walks closely with the Lord and utilizes many of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Their ministry is spreading.


I have witnessed, firsthand, the way the Lord is using them. I have partnered with Ulrich and Rebecca because they are authentically being led by the Lord and their actions reveal this. Ulrich is a leader, a preacher, a healer, an evangelist, a teacher, a father, a husband, a patriot and he is led by the Lord.

Kevin Gustafson


I have known Ulrich for many years, altogether around 25 years. In 2017, I noticed the change and transformation in his life and the outpouring of testimonies about his life and ministry. I had encountered the Lord myself a few years earlier and so I understood that Ulrich was a new man.

The Lord Jesus has used Ulrich many times in my personal and family life. In 2017, he prayed for my husband and I for child bearing and in the following year, the Lord visited us and we are now parents. Between 2017 and 2021, we have prayed together many times and by the grace of God, the Holy Ghost has always testified to my heart of his sincerity, his love and fear of the Lord and of the Lord’s calling upon his life.

This year (2021), the Lord spoke to Ulrich about me, giving him detailed and very personal information about my life. This sincerely delighted my heart. For one, I knew that this man of God had been continuously praying for me and second, the words revealed were a confirmation of something I had received myself from the Lord about 7 years ago. How amazing!

I am very grateful for your ministry and love Ulrich. I praise the Lord for your obedience and pray that you continuously stand firm in what the Lord instructs you to do. May the Lord bless you Ulrich.

Charlotte Jean

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