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In the night of May 14th 2020, I had a series of dreams and encounters in which the Lord revealed some of the things to watch and pray for as we continue to navigate unprecedented times.

In the second dream (first dream here), the Lord took me above the surface of the earth, and I saw the world map spread out flat before me like a scroll with every nation’s borders clearly defined. I looked up and behold, I saw a massive angel walking on the continents. He was so large his foot’s size was as big as the physical area of a nation. As I looked with great intent, he began to step on certain nations. Each time he stepped on a nation, its light dimmed out and it went into darkness. As I contemplated this scene, the Lord said to me: “This angel will be carrying my judgements on the nations. Every nation stepped on will be ruled by the kingdom of darkness, because they are proudly promoting an anti-Christ agenda.”

I could recognize some of the nations, but the angel was moving so fast that I could barely keep track. At this point, I immediately shifted my attention to the United States, waiting as he marched towards it. Once near, he lifted his foot and motioned to step on this nation as well. I quickly picked up on what was about to happen, set my eyes on him, and began to plead with the Lord in intercession. No words were exchanged between me and the angel but while I interceded, his movements went in slow motion. I could see his foot still descending on the land, but seemingly pushed away by an invisible force so that he barely stepped over the United States', and I woke up.

Then the Lord said this to me: “It is not My will for the United States to surrender to the anti-Christ agenda, and to be ruled by such. However, this is where you are headed. Unless my people humble themselves and turn from their wicked ways, this nation will go under great darkness like the other ones. This is the way out: I am looking for a remnant to rise. I am looking for reformers birthed from the spirit of prayer to emerge in this nation and the others. Who will go for us?”

What to pray / keep watch for:

1- As churches reopen in the United States, they must become houses of prayer. Let the wolves, Simon the Sorcerers, and the hirelings repent or be starved out of ministry!

2- Intercessors and watchmen must arise at this hour to engage in identification prayer and declaring the word of the Lord over the land.

3- I see an Ezra company rising on the face of the earth, a people known by a lifestyle of fasting, prayer, and intercession, calling the remnant to purity and anchoring them in the truth.

4- I see the remnant rising, a people who will willingly and lovingly abandon any worldly entanglement for the pursuit of radical consecration to Jesus Christ.

5- The remnant in every nation must let their incense rise. They must lead the way in a lifestyle of repentance that ushers in fires of revival.

By and large, many churches are still talking of revival without mentioning, let alone giving themselves to a lifestyle of repentance and prayer. Hear now: churches and ministries that willfully choose to resume business as usual, refusing to embrace holiness, will not partake of the glory that is to come, for there is no more time for pretenders.

Expect social tension to increase in the immediate future but remember that the wheat and the tares are to grow together until harvest time. The wheat is kept, while the tares are burned (Matthew 13:24-30). The increase of darkness in the world will not overshadow the increasing light of the Kingdom of God, but quite the opposite. Darkness can never prevent light from shining. If anything, the darker it gets the brightest light shines!

The powers of darkness are reacting to the revival fires that the Lord intends to release in America and the world. Remember that the Lord is never taken by surprise, and the enemy is the one playing catch up. Up until now, most of the church in America has been playing catch up as well. However, I see the tide turning and a fiery remnant awake from slumber to fulfill the church’s prophetic destiny at this hour.

“Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you. See, darkness covers the earth and thick darkness is over the peoples, but the Lord rises upon you and his glory appears over you.” – Isaiah 60:1-2

With prayer, fasting, and love.


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