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In the night of May 14th 2020, I had a series of dreams and encounters in which the Lord revealed some of the things to watch and pray for as we continue to navigate unprecedented times.

In the first dream I saw a well-known minister (I will keep his name private) preparing for a mission trip to Russia. This man was urging the saints to pray for him, as the persecution in Russia had become so rampant that police and military forces were being deployed to capture him and others like him upon arrival. Then the Lord spoke to me and said: “Watch for an anti-Christian police task force to be unleashed in Russia for the sole purpose of capturing foreign evangelists of the Gospel and local Christians.”

Upon arrival in Russia, it was evident that though this minister knew his life was in danger, he was resolute to carry on with his assignment despite death threats. I looked around and saw police units awaiting his arrival on ground. Though they knew exactly where he would land, they could not see him, nor could they lay hold of him for the Lord had concealed him (See Luke 4:30).

I stood there in amazement, watching him walk through the police units on his way to minister, then the Lord continued: “Even now, I am raising a company of people who are dead to the spirit of death and intimidation to carry the Good News in the most hostile regions of the world. These are those that overcome by the blood of the Lamb, the word of their testimony, AND they do not love their lives even unto death (Revelation 12:11). Because they are not looking to save their own lives, I will bestow the powers of the age to come and unprecedented authority upon them, so they can set the captives free despite fierce assaults from the enemy.” It became clear to me that these are the revealed sons of God, those whose nature has been visibly conformed to the image of His Son (Romans 8:29).

Then the Lord took me out of Russia and back to the United States, forward in time. There was deliberate persecution of Christians in some states as well, though not quite as radical as what took place in Russia. I looked around and the streets were empty because the people were paralyzed by the spirit of fear and censorship. However, there were a few courageous ones stepping out to help others. Here as well, the Lord equipped those who truly understood and walked in the heart of the Father with remarkable supernatural abilities to overcome.

What to pray / keep watch for:

1- Keep an eye on Russia.

2- Pray for our brothers and sisters in Russia, and other nations where the police are (will be) weaponized to specifically target Christians.

3- The earth is groaning for the manifestation of the sons of God (Romans 8:19). Pray for these men and women, young and old from every tribe, who have been hidden by the Lord to be revealed in due time. They must not abort or shortcut their preparation.

4- Pray that the Lord thwarts attempts to legislate persecution of Christians on American soil. This is will be an important issue in the days ahead. Many American Christians think this cannot happen, or that we will be “raptured” out of here before any tribulation occurs. I see no biblical backing for this, and even now many Christians around the world are being beheaded for holding fast to the faith. If that is not tribulation, then I am not sure what would fit your definition. Fiery intercession and godly influence are what the church should give itself to at this hour, not an escapism and defeatist mentality.

5- Pray for believers to effectively walk in love, power, and self-discipline. As the enemy intensifies his assault on the church, we will need to overcome fear, timidity, and compromise (2 Timothy 1:7). Scriptures promise us victory if we endure.

On April 15th, I indicated in a previous article that just like Trump’s impeachment attempts were smokescreen for something bigger, so was the emergence and handling of COVID. I received much criticism for that and sure enough, just about two months later as the curve was being flattened and the people’s hopes to get on with their lives slowly began to return, the world got served with racial divide (If you want to know what I said on COVID and the globalist agenda at play here, please read April’s article here, as I will not discuss it here). Before some of you get offended, know that I am not minimizing what is happening. In fact, I believe the Lord is using all of this for our good. I am simply trying to get your attention to the timing of things and to get you to look beneath the surface.

If anything, COVID revealed the fear, unbelief, and apathy ruling the hearts of many believers and ministry leaders. The current racial tension is causing many churches and church leaders to have long overdue conversations that could bring healing and unity to the body of Christ. Yet, for what is still ahead, the church must meet the moment with a much different spirit (See Numbers 14:24) than what it produced during this pandemic. If you think this is over, brace yourself: this fall season things might heat up some more here in the United States and around the world. Finally, remember to keep an eye on Russia and to pray our brothers and sisters under persecution.

We were handpicked to be alive for such a time as this, the most glorious church era in history! However, where our hearts are there will be our treasure also (Matthew 6:21). We need to be rightly aligned with the purposes of the Kingdom of God to thrive in the days ahead. Only those who choose to follow the Lord Jesus Christ in holiness and without reservation will be entrusted with the spiritual authority needed to lead the people of God to victory. There are a few forerunners already walking in this kind of anointing and authority (like the minister in my dream), but the earth is groaning for more. May the Bride of Christ gain a sense of urgency to prepare herself, as there is no more time for pretenders.

With prayer, fasting and love.


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