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Dream Date: 06/16/2020

I was standing in the streets of New York City when suddenly an earthquake of magnitude 11 on Richter took place. But what I saw next was quite surprising. Instead of devastation and destruction, the land was being stretched, and things began to move in reverse (cars, trains, people, etc.…). Anything that was on the ground moved in reverse as the land continued to stretch. Then when the earthquake stopped, I checked the flight prices to return to my home town of Charlotte and a ticket that normally costed a couple of hundred dollars was now near a thousand dollars, because the physical distance between the two states had been greatly increased due to the earthquake and it stretching the land. I looked around and people began to figure out how to get back to their lifestyles and loved ones… Then I woke up.

I spent the past couple of months praying and fasting for revelation concerning this dream. I am now released to share it publicly for the body of Christ to pray accordingly. Below is what I believe it means, with some important prayer points to consider.


There is coming a shaking to the city of New York like one has not seen before. The Lord has pronounced judgement on the city New York for its financial and spiritual witchcraft, the immorality, and the sins that it has promoted on the land. To the church in New York city, the Lord is calling you to repent and to align yourself to what He is doing in the spirit realm.

“It is the 11th hour, and the time of the harvest is fast approaching on your land! (Matthew 20:6-7) But the coming awakening is in part dependent upon the rising of the church! I am bringing judgement on my church in New York city, and I am stretching My people beyond their own abilities so that they can truly become yielded vessels that can carry the mantles that I desire to place upon their shoulders. These mantles are meant to dismantle the foundations of evil in your city. The time of decision has come: will you deny yourself or will you be lulled back to your comforts and your wayward lifestyle? Yes, the current season is one of transition and paradigm shifts, and your comforts are being taken away so that I may try Your hearts.”

The individual and corporate mantle that He desires to put upon His remnant cannot rest on the lukewarm and the double minded. The desired outcome of this coming move of the Spirit is to reverse all the enemy has done and accomplished (abortion laws, financial witchcraft, lawlessness, spiritual harlotry in the church, among other things). As a result, He will separate His people unto Himself, causing a greater chasm between them and their old ways and even loved ones. For those who truly serve the Lord, the cost of returning to life as they knew it will be even greater than the cost of going forward with His call upon their lives, wherever and however it finds them at the time of this shaking. The true remnant will recognize it, embrace it, and move in true unity, while the lukewarm and the harlot church will revert and vanish in the comforts of the familiar.

Mantles are responsible for earthquakes and they speak of the anointing that the remnant will walk in during the end time harvest in preparation for the return of the Lord. To the remnant in New York and around the world: “Will you position yourself to be properly aligned with the coming shaking, to fulfill your role in this massive harvest, and partner with the Lord for the restoration of that which was lost or stolen by the enemy? Will you be willing the pay the price of consecration even if it means being separated from your loved ones?”

The Lord reminded me of a prophetic word spoken by the late Watchman David Wilkerson (Founder of Times Square Church in New York City) years ago. I paraphrase, “The true remnant will consist of believers coming out of all the mainline denominations, a people who will only care about knowing Jesus Christ, Him crucified, and authentic fellowship with Holy Spirit.” You will see a greater exodus of the remnant from what we know as the organized church, to form authentic movements and fellowships. Furthermore, anyone holding too tight to any specific denomination in the days ahead will not have the strength to hold tight to His NAME. There is a counterfeit unity movement underway right now, which operates under syncretism and ecumenism. Do not be deceived, that is not the unity I am speaking of. If you are part of such as a child of God: get out and give your ear to sound doctrine!


Prayer Points:

-> Pray that the Lord’s remnant in New York cries out to Him and positions itself for this coming shaking.

-> Pray for the reversal of all things contrary to the will of God in New York City.

-> New York City and Charlotte are the two largest banking centers in the United States: The nation’s financial and banking system is going to be shaken and will perhaps face a major reset. Pray for the Lord’s will to be done in this area. For those in Christ, it is not time to panic: know Who is your Source.

-> Pray for the remnant: That those the Lord has already begun to call unto Himself during the past 7 months do not succumb to the pressures of the familiar. Rather, that they will willingly pay the price now and be released into their roles for the end time harvest.


With prayer and fasting.

Ulrich Tofack

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