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Here is a prophetic dream that I received early morning on March 30th. On my Facebook page, I included a partial screenshot of the email I sent to someone that morning to this post for credibility and accuracy on the date and content. I wrote the email soon after waking up. I hid any details about the recipient as it is not the focus of this post, so it is futile to even ask me about it here or in private. Below is a narration of the dream, and the prophetic word that the Lord gave me concerning it.

Dream date: March 30th

In my dream, I saw President Trump saying: "The only solace I can find in this crisis, is that the American people are doing what they can in slowing down the virus." He looked downcast because deep down he knew that the spirit of America's bravery as he once knew it was under severe oppression.

After a few moments, he straightened up and said: "If the Democrats can do this to gain power, can you imagine what they can do once they actually have it?" It was clear in the dream, from the way he spoke, that he had a knowing that some liberals (or some ill-advised politicians) were involved in perpetrating this crisis. I do not know whether he spoke in terms of the virus crisis itself, the national crisis, or some hidden agendas emerging as a result of it.

When I woke up, the Lord spoke to me and reminded me of a word that He had given me back in February 6th regarding the impeachment proceedings (I also attached screenshots of my computer screen where I typed it on that day for integrity, once again concealing any info irrelevant to this post).

As I sat on the edge of my bed that morning under the burden of both the dream (March 30th) and this word (February 6th), here is what the Lord said to me: "The impeachment proceeding was not an end to itself. Liberals knew it had no chance to pass in the Senate. It was a veil put on the people's faces while something else was being worked on. Likewise, I am saying to you this morning that this crisis, as real as it is, is yet being used as another veil. There is something much bigger being worked on. Are you still not seeing it? There will be attempts on a global scale to use fear and hysteria to control the masses, impose a one world government, move to a cashless society, mandatory vaccines, the forming of a one world religion, and ultimately the mark of the beast." The Lord knew that I was about to ask when these were going to take place and so He continued: "Whether it happens tomorrow or in 20 years isn't the main concern. The important thing to know is that some of those things are coming someday as indicated in biblical prophecy, and my people by and large are not ready."

Just like the masses (including the church and some prophets) were being manipulated (by the media) with the impeachment proceedings (not to say it wasn't important), the enemy was freely deploying evil on a larger scale under the radar. History has a way of rhyming, and the Lord is shortening the times, which means history can repeat itself at a much faster rate than ever before. Likewise, presently the masses (including the church and some prophets) are being manipulated (by the media) and are reacting instead of responding. Meanwhile, the enemy is once again working on something much bigger and the masses are once again blind to it. Despite some watchmen sounding the alarm, the masses are not paying attention. Worse, those that ought to be discerning are labeling them as gloom and doom conspiracy theorists. Yes, there are conspiracy theories running rampant out there, on both sides of the equation. They need to be avoided. But that doesn’t mean we ought to disregard the word of God coming from watchmen simply because we don’t feel a certain way. The existence of a fake $100 bill is proof that there is a genuine $100 bill, and last time I checked no one refuses to use $100 bills just because there are some fake ones circulating around.

No doubt, God is going to use this crisis for our good. However, God is also looking for people to be told the truth, and to be prepared and equipped for the task that lies ahead of us. The church has a window of opportunity before the next big thing comes upon us. Unlike this one, the next thing will require the church to make a clear choice between obeying the word of God or the world governments. The stage is being set for this. The current crisis has spared the church from explicitly making that choice. The next thing won't, and those that aren't prepared will unfortunately turn their backs on the Lord Jesus Christ.

The following day on March 31st, I had an encounter with the spirit of Jezebel. She was coming after me to chop my head off. I found myself running away like the prophet Elijah. But then I had enough of it and turned around to face her, only for my entire body to be paralyzed. As she closed in, my entire being was being overtaken by the spirit of fear. I began to silently pray in tongues (as even my lips couldn’t move). As I did, the Spirit of the Lord grew a mighty double-edged sword in my right hand and moved me to slay her with the sword and then I woke up. Clearly, the enemy didn’t want me to release this word. I wonder why. I believe the sword was the word of God. I would admit that I remained silent for the past two weeks on this, yet I remained prayerful to gain the strength to release it publicly. A few days later (perhaps April 2nd), I stumbled on a prophetic dream that Jeremiah Johnson had on the same night as mine (March 30th). That gave me the confirmation that I needed, as for a few days I thought I had eaten too much pizza on the night of my dream. Coincidence? No.

This is the link to Jeremiah Johnson’s dream on March 30th:

Now, here is what I believe the Lord is prompting the church to seriously pray for:

⌁ Donald Trump: The president isn't too impressed with the church's general level of apathy despite his efforts to promote Christian values. He believes in God, but he often feels that many church individuals have turned our backs on him. As a businessman, he feels we are not fully seizing the opportunity to reclaim the biblical values and foundations of our nation. We need to pray that he doesn't get discouraged and that he receives counsel from trustworthy men and women sent by the Lord alone.

Our Government: Pray for ALL governmental officials. It is our duty to pray for them. It is not our role to demonize those we don’t like or worship those we like. Regardless of how right or wrong they may be, we ought to pray for them. We may not agree with their policies and actions, but they are people who need to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior just like me and you. Pray that the Lord causes their eyes to open, and that He ultimately uses them according to His purposes. Repent for attacking their personal character if you have and remember that the Lord is in control.

⌁ Repentance: There is a need for an all-out repentance across the body of Christ, starting with me and especially the leaders. It bothers me that I didn't have the boldness to warn the people of what I perceived in the Spirit to be on the horizon back in February, and again at the end of March. It bothers me that the church by large is still fighting among its own ranks regarding who is a conspiracy theorist and what not, when we all have the SAME enemy in plain sight! And no, I repeat our common enemy is NOT the government! (Read bullet point above) Though the government’s mission isn’t to befriend us either! Instead of aimlessly arguing with each other, how about joining forces to wrestle in the Spirit against the forces of darkness that are encroaching our common territory? We need to remember that we are not wrestling against flesh and blood. Get off your brother and sister’s back and jump on the wall!!

⌁ Watchmen: Pray that the Lord's watchmen will have the boldness to release the word of God regardless of the reactions from the masses and the intimidation from the spirit of Jezebel that looks to silence the prophets of God.

⌁ Maturity: Pray that the body of Christ will mature to receive a word of warning like it is, instead of labeling all watchmen as gloomy and doomy. If your child is crossing the street and you see a car coming at him/her, you will not try to be cute and elaborate in your delivery of a warning. In love, you will shout at the top of your lungs to get their attention in a way that shocks them into an immediate response. As a kid I once stuck a fork in one of our power outlets and was being electrocuted. As my mom tried to touch me, my uncle quickly stepped in and whacked me out of the way with a large wood pestle. That "violent" move saved both me and my mom from death. Is it sweet and pleasant to whack a 3-year-old with a wood pestle as hard as you can? No, in fact I probably dealt with pain from that hit for several days. But that was a far better alternative than death by electrocution. We need to grow in discernment and graduate from living trapped by our feelings. ⌁ Exposure: Pray that the Holy Spirit will expose the works of darkness in the church and in the world. Only Him can do it, not the actions men, prophets, or other 5-fold ministers: The Lord alone will reveal to whom He pleases! Pray that the coming exposures are met with a redemptive purpose.

⌁ The Kingdom of God: Pray that the Kingdom of God gets preached, taught, and demonstrated in truth, grace, and power once these restrictions are lifted. The harvest is upon us.

⌁ Love: pray that the Lord teaches us how to love in the days ahead. I am not talking about the humanistic version of love (as defined by Google, and other secular dictionaries), but God's love as presented from Genesis to Revelation.

Lastly, I see those walking in the full counsel of the Lord being clothed with unparalleled power and authority in the days ahead. Those are the ones that will live a life yielded to the Holy Spirit and His agenda. It is an open invitation and our birthright.


Ulrich Tofack

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