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Earlier this week I was asked by a friend to consider traveling up to Carthage, NC and lead a group of peaceful protesters in prayer. About 80-100 people were in attendance, many holding up signs and American flags by the road, others fellowshipping with their fellow neighbor.

The background:

The peaceful protest was spearheaded by Freedom Matters NC, in response to Moore County’s Health Department and Moore County Schools decision to setup a covid vaccine clinic on school campuses without the involvement of parents and approval from the Moore County’s Board of Education.

Not only this was in direct violation of the rights and privacy of the students and their parents, but the email was also sent to students with intimidating statements threatening them of being excluded from extracurricular activities and even college upon graduating from high school.

Furthermore, it was a complete disregard to persons with disabilities under the Americans with Disabilities Act, and it was in direct violation of the requirement placed on the Health Department and the County to first obtain approval from the school boards members. This was indeed a direct and subversive attempt to continue to chisel away at the people’s freedoms.

Parents were livid, as they should, and decided to make their voices heard at the same location where a meeting was held by the entities named above at Moore County’s Schools in Carthage, NC.

My role was simply to come in and open the peaceful demonstrations in prayer, as some members strongly felt it necessary that the Lord be put first, and they also had received threats from some agitators who promised to “bring hell upon the gathering.”

So, at 3:00 PM Tuesday, I was asked to jump on the back of a pickup truck and open things up in prayer. I had no preparation time and no script, and all I did was praying in the Spirit during my 2 hour drive up north. I just trusted that the Lord would lead the way if I was filled with His Spirit.

Here are two notable testimonies from the time of prayer:

· While I was praying, the malicious group that wanted to “bring hell” and disrupt the peaceful gathering showed up in their cars, rolled their windows down, and began to engage in verbal abuse toward the peaceful protesters. Then they parked their cars, stepped out, and I guess they did not at first realize that I was not up there as a poster child. To their shock, when they became acquainted with the prayer coming out of the speaker, the agitated demons in them realized that they had just picked the wrong spot for a confrontation. Participants and eyewitnesses later related to me that within a minute of stepping out of their cars they held their peace, went back in their cars tails between the legs, quickly drove off quietly, and never returned. Yep! That is the power of the Holy Spirit.

· A lady who had just been diagnosed that same morning with a nerve condition that caused her arms and hand to be numb, testified to the numbness being completely gone after prayer and she was able to feel her hands and fingers again. She even testified that one of her fingers affected by arthritis was already straightening up. This was not a revival meeting. But we will have such meetings starting this fall, and I expect the Lord to do mighty things for His people.

You can find a video taken below

Here is my Takeaway:

I know some will want to get brave behind their keyboards now and try to educate me on why a preacher should not be involved in something like this.

Firstly, they would be wrong because I am a preacher of righteousness, called to declare liberty to the captives. Lord knows how many captives to the anti-Christ spirit we have in this nation right now. Even more concerning is the number of Christians who are under the spell and do not even know it.

Secondly, the church cannot remain silent on issues that affect the liberties of those around us. Faith without works is dead the Bible says, and to think that a spiritual revival and especially awakening will magically happen without the church confronting evil today is absolute delusion.

To put this in proper perspective, consider the words of Mario Murillo, who is on the verge of leading a revival explosion in California: “When messages from churches refuse to confront the evil of our culture—they are ignoring the harvest. When the verbal content is only for believers—they are ignoring the harvest. Not matter how high sounding and motivational the message—if it ignores the harvest, it is grounded in defeat.”

Make no mistake: I am not saying that the church of Jesus Christ should prostitute itself into a socio-political and humanistic entity. I am fully aware that many pseudo-ministers are unfortunately doing so by leading the people to trust in government and politicians instead of trusting in the LORD Jesus alone. Instead, we are saying that the church is supposed to be the spiritual agency that defines and upholds justice, righteousness, freedom, and truth on the earth.

As a result, we cannot remain silent on the evil that affects the lives of those within our community. If the gates of hell are meant to not prosper against the church, then you better believe that one of our purposes is to be an organism that diametrically opposes evil and unrighteousness.

The church will walk in greater victory when we decide to abandon our cowardliness in a graveyard. Those who stand up for tyranny, unrighteousness, abuse of individual freedoms, immorality, sexual immorality, abortion, greed, and all the other things that the Bible condemns are willingly or unknowingly influenced by demonic forces and the true church of Jesus Christ is the only entity on the earth that can end the spread of the spell.

As you can see with the example above, those that wanted to “bring hell” and disrupt the peaceful protest were met by the power of God. The demons within them instantly felt the heat and realized that the spiritual climate was too dry to accommodate them, so they returned to their sender. Yes, Jesus’ words will ring truest in this generation: if we create a spiritual atmosphere that is hot and dry enough, demons will not stand before us! (Matthew 12:43) The problem is, too many of us are still trying so hard to remain wet in the sea of compromise and opinions, while territorial demons like legion are waiting to be cast out at the moment we decide to take a stand on dry land.

The great awakening that we have prayed and fasted for is here, it just came in a package that most in the church did not anticipate. Will you arise to enforce the victory set before us, or will you fadeaway in defeat? Loving our neighbor as ourselves requires that we take a verbal and active stand against the evil of our culture.

To my delight, the ladies who spoke up at the rally after I closed the prayer were some of the fieriest women I have seen. I tell you, those who still think women cannot preach or be clothed with the fire of God better nail their religious card on a stake. If what Jesus is doing with the church in Iran through women cannot convince you of this reality, then not even Jesus can! In fact, I prophesied while praying that the women who sacrificed to home-school their children would be used by God to reform our education system. Watch what God does with these capable and virtuous women in the coming years!

I encourage you to leave those people (including certain Christians) who are only bold in commenting on social media posts and emerge as the vessel of fire and glory that you were meant to be. There is no more time for meaningless online debates.

I, for one, no longer care to explain my position to people who are not interested in building the Kingdom of God. There are much more important matters that require my emotional involvement than trying to debate online with the unbeliever, the lukewarm and carnal believer. Demonstration of the power of God is of the essence, that is what will do! Folks will have to play catch up if necessary. And when they do catch up, I will receive them with love and help them catch fire as well the best way I know how, so that the Lord may receive His full inheritance.

The sick need healing, and people need authentic prophetic direction, correction, and edification. The church needs to be fed the FULL counsel of the Word of God once again, the youth need to see the power of God to burn their tarot cards, spirit boards and leave their new-age witches behind, because frankly our typical 60-minute pre-planned Sunday programs have been for the most part lifeless. Abortion must end, sex trafficking of children must end, pornography and Hollywood industries must be starved to death, true education must replace the current indoctrination of our children, strange fire must be kicked out of the church of Jesus Christ.

I will go on. The poor are continually exploited by the greedy and blood thirsty elite, humans are being used as lab rats for a global experiment, absolute truths have vanquished even from the pulpits. The fear of God must regain its place amid mankind starting in most churches and ministries and true spiritual discernment is desperately needed. Many are still busy building their own empires and not God’s Kingdom. Jesus is returning soon, but the lost are still too many and the true laborers still very few. That is just a sample of what keeps me up pacing at night, not whether mister keyboard expert likes my social media posts or not.

Which of the evils listed above tick you off? When will you decide to exercise your royal priesthood in the area you were called to? I promise you that it is not by sounding religious, sanctimonious, or smart in your social media comments. It starts by exercising spiritual violence in your prayer closet and catching hold of the burning flames in the eyes of the Lord Jesus. I guarantee you that if you do, there is no chance that you will remain apathetic and fearful in these times.

With prayer and urgency,

Ulrich Tofack

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