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Self – Vanity

Self has no authority over its own life, yet self wants to be worshiped.

Self can go nowhere and accomplish nothing in this life by itself, yet self-worships.

Self relies on grace, favor, and luck at times, yet self thinks it is omnipotent.

Self often hates self’s company by itself, yet self wants to be the center of attention.

Self often marvels at the stars and the vastness of the universe, yet self wants to exalt itself.

Self is so blind that it does not see the needs of those around, yet self thinks it is good enough.

Self cannot exist alone. Yet, self often rejects the Author of relationships.

Self thinks his/her money is only the result of his/her work ethic, yet in doing so, self doesn’t give gratitude to the Creator who gave them physical and mental faculties favorable for productivity.

Self likes to brag about possessions, yet self was born naked and brought nothing into the world at birth;and likewise, self shall depart as it came: empty handed, not even with its grave clothing.

Self doesn’t want to answer to anyone. Yet self is either a slave to mammon or a slave to God.

Self says he/she is self-made, yet self often relied on many other selves to be made.

Heck, self is so blind: it doesn't realize it needed at least 2-selves (male and female) coming together for it to be made? How ungrateful!

Self is often full of confusion, yet self wants to rule the world. I said male and female above.

Yes, self: there are only TWO sexes. If you are confused, ask your pets, or look at your wall’s female power jack and your TV’s male power cord.

Get real, self… Jesus can save you from yourself.

Self cannot find fulfillment by itself, proof is that self is useless all by itself. Self, you need others.

Self often denies the existence of God.

Yet many unbelieving selves cry “Oh my God” when in danger: who is that that you are calling when the rubber meets to road?

Self, listen to your conscience and set it free, it knows the Truth.

Self, you need God: you are nothing but a grain of sand in His universe. But there is so much He desires to do with and through you, if you choose Him instead of your feeble and perishing self.

In coming to Him, please do not come for yourself… You’ll blow it. Simply come and surrender to Him.

No, a quick “sinner’s prayer” on a Sunday meeting without true conviction won’t do it. Your conscience will witness the Truth to you, for your conscience knows Him.

There is hope. That hope is spelled J-E-S-U-S: The Only Hope of Glory, The Messiah. If He could save a wretch like my(self)… Oh man… Then there is even greater hope for your(self)…

Lay hold of Him today.

The worship and exaltation of self: vanity of vanities…


~ Ulrich

#selfdiscovery #hope #vanity #humility #gratitude

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