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Wisdom or Faith?

Applying wisdom in a situation may sometimes feel like we're operating from a place of unbelief. It is not so, for the Bible says that wisdom is profitable to direct. Wisdom is indeed a sign of faith: faith in Our Father's word: the King's word. Faith does not work in opposition to wisdom, nor does faith replace the need for wisdom: the two go hand-in-hand. Faith may say "go" while wisdom is what directs your steps along the way. On the other hand, wisdom may say "not now" , but faith is what will help you hold steadfast to the promise and not lose hope. We are encouraged to get wisdom and understanding in all the things we do.

Did we act wisely or was our decision made from unbelief or fear? One sure way to answer is by discerning the peace of God within ourselves. James tells us that the wisdom of God yields peace as a fruit. Faith too, yields peace. The peace of the Holy Ghost is the common denominator to look for when facing those types of decisions. That is why someone might be led in faith to move out to a different country without any planning and have complete peace in the midst of it, yet restrain themselves from making a much less daunting decision the next day.

The enormity or smallness of a task should not determine our choices. For what it is worth, God is above our biggest tasks. What "seems" good isn't always of God, what "seems" bad isn't always of the enemy. It is His peace within us that should lead us to make the right decisions, and seeking where His peace lies during the process of decision-making is a display of both wisdom and faith in Him

If you lack wisdom and you desire it, that is one thing our Father will never refrain from giving us. James 1:5 says "if any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you."

Let us ask for wisdom and discern where His peace lies. It may be the answer to many of the dilemmas we face.

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