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A smile is simple yet powerful.

A smile that radiates the love, joy and laughter of the Lord can do great things. This is what should radiate on our faces every day. "Our mouths were full of laughter, and our tongues shouted for joy. Among the nations it was said, "ADONAI has done great things for them! ADONAI did do great things with us; and we are overjoyed." (Psalm 126:2-3). Our Father does amazing things for us! For the good things and not so good things, for the ups and the downs: for His ways and reasons are perfect, to help us thrive. Let this be a reminder to always praise Him! I'm speaking from personal experience. One of the most remarkable ones in my life would be the day I met my husband. That day I was busy, in a rush to get somewhere but in the midst of the hustling, we ran into each other. I flashed a simple smile and said hello, and we went on our separate ways. Only I didn't know until weeks later that it was because of my smile that he broke out of the funk of a very difficult day and dropped his guard, but I had no idea! Only God knew that 30 min later He would place us once again in each other's path, at the same place just so we can properly meet and have a conversation. And from that day forward, God worked His plan, and we are happily married now, with two beautiful children. God is so good! Let us show joy, peace, and love everywhere and through everything, for that will help channeling the joy of the Lord to others. Just a couple days ago, we were at the store and I was standing in line with my daughter. There was a lady in front of me with her daughter about 7 years old. The little girl did something and the mom responded a bit frustrated, I was guessing from a rough day. So I simply smiled and said to her, "Hello ma'am, you have a beautiful girl". She looked at me and said "Thank you, although some days are tough with them". I replied and said "Oh yes, there are those days, we mamas can relate, but it's a blessing either way". She smiled and said "Yes, we love them no matter what". We chatted some more, before she went on her way. A simple smile and a compliment left her smiling and in a happier mood, just because someone took the time to chat with her and relate to her situation. Let our smiles be a vessel for those who are lost, those who are weary, those who are broken, who are struggling, for it is through our love and joy that they will see our Father.

A call for action: Maybe we passed someone by this past year? Someone who looked like they needed some help? Or looked depressed that day? Or were looking sad? Or someone who needed a shoulder to cry on? Or just passing them by at the store, or on the street, or at work and felt a nudge to say or do something but didn't? It's okay, we've all done it, no need to be ashamed of it or feel condemned. It can be hard and intimidating to come up to a total stranger or to feel vulnerable in front of someone don't know. But Jesus shows us that a simple act of love and kindness can go a long way. Let's break past our fears and insecurities and reach out to those who need our love and kindness! Jesus gives us that strength! "So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand." (Isaiah 41:10). This world is already filled with the enemy lies, schemes, heartache, brokenness, and fears; let's be the ones to break it!! Let's be the solution! Let's rise up and be the royal sons and daughters of our Father! We are the rightful heirs to His kingdom! So let's bring in more into His kingdom by displaying the Kingdom. Our Lord always has our best interests in mind, and he is looking for ways to bless and inspire us in our daily lives. Let's be joyous of his blessings daily. And as He blesses us, we must go and bless those around us. May it be simply giving them a smile or a gentle hello, or just listening, let's influence those around us with the Fathers love! Let us be more intentional this year and going forward.

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