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Royal Heirs

I met Ulrich while we were students in a Master's program at Morningstar University. Ulrich has been a friend and has partnered with my family in our different ministries. He has come alongside us many times.


My desire to deepen my faith has strengthened in my interaction with Ulrich. Ulrich walks closely with the Lord and utilizes many of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Their ministry is spreading.


I have witnessed, firsthand, the way the Lord is using them. I have partnered with Ulrich and Rebecca because they are authentically being led by the Lord and their actions reveal this. Ulrich is a leader, a preacher, a healer, an evangelist, a teacher, a father, a husband, a patriot and he is led by the Lord.

Kevin Gustafson

It’s a privilege and honor to share my life experiences concerning Ulrich Tofack and Royal Heirs Ministries. I consider Ulrich my spiritual son, my brother, and my friend. Few men possess the same level of Godly hunger, humility, and integrity. Over the years, I’ve watched him grow in revelation of the kingdom but more importantly, grow in the character and likeness of Christ. Ulrich and Royal Heirs Ministries are good soil to invest in. I easily expect nothing less than a hundred-fold harvest through this ministry.

Timothy Dziomba

Thank you for partnering with us. Your continued prayers and financial commitment to this God's given vision makes it possible for us to bring the influence of the Kingdom of God, and lasting transformation in the lives of those we are sent to. We are confident that your financial contributions are bearing eternal fruit to you and in the lives of those reached by our service to the King of kings.

You can support the ministry in two ways: by making one-time Donations or by becoming a Royal Heirs Partner via a recurring monthly commitment.





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