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As a young teenager, Ulrich had several unusual prophetic experiences ranging from visions of the Lord Jesus during communion to multiple life-threatening encounters with demonic forces . Afraid and not knowing what to make of all of these, he suppressed them for over a decade. His early adult years were marked by a miraculous near-death experience, followed by rejection, drunkenness, recreational drugs, an identity crisis, and sexual debauchery.

After hitting rock bottom in the summer of 2013 and in utter despair, Ulrich was radically saved through the testimony of another believer. Almost immediately, a series of dramatic encounters with the power of God fueled in him a burning passion for Truth. During a spiritual retreat, he experienced the love of God in ways he couldn't describe. His passion to intimately know Jesus Christ through and beyond the letter of the Word of God led him to a progressive reintroduction to his spiritual DNA.

In February 2014, he had an angelic encounter that revealed the calling of the Lord upon his life to the work of the ministry. During the same encounter, the identity of his future bride was confirmed after a series of mind blowing revelations.

What followed was an onslaught of trials. As he often puts it: "Faith that isn't tested cannot be trusted." The trials were a gateway to encounter the love of God and the supernatural however, as they caused him to go after the heart of Lord more fervently.  About 6 months later, he received the baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in other tongues during a house meeting to which he drove six hours to attend.


From that moment onward, the Lord began to use him in healing, and the scriptures began to come alive. With his wife Rebecca, he would go on to evangelize and heal the sick on his university campus, in the streets, at the malls, grocery stores, even in house parties. All the while, his bride was his number one supporter, encouraging him to persist in the scriptures and standing by his side when it seemed like everyone had turned their backs on him because of his radical transformation, including his own family.


In the fall of 2014, with the partnership of a college friend who had also caught fire, they organized their first worship event on the university campus and went on to host a few more that drew hundreds. The prophetic, miracles, and healings of various sorts continued to occur in Ulrich and Rebecca's lives and ministry. By the summer of 2016, they planted a university campus ministry. The Lord began to use him as a prophetic teacher as they led weekly gatherings and inspiring many.

In the winter of 2018, the Lord confirmed their calling and sent them out to the Fort Mill, SC area as laborers for the coming harvest. They are gearing up to start revival meetings that are birthed in prayer and intercession starting in January 2022. Their message brings truth that is centered in intimacy, purity, the Word, and the power of God.


Ulrich teaches the Word of God with prophetic insight and authority. They have begun traveling ministry both in the US and internationally, leaving a trail of incredible, verifiable testimonies behind them.


He is also working on blogs, book projects, and the creation of an online course where he can expand serving his gift to the world. His bride Rebecca is gifted with incredible compassion, she is also given to children ministry. Together they have two wonderful children and reside in South Carolina.

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